Air Ambulance Evacuation
Depending on the patient’s condition and our client’s request we arrange repatriation by either commercial aircraft or air ambulance. Taking the patient’s medical needs into consideration the best suitable flight route will be arranged and medical clearance will be obtained from the airlines. Any necessary arrangements such as stretcher, leg rest, wheelchair, oxygen, escort nurse and/or doctor, ground ambulances with others are provided.
Case Monitoring & Cost Containments
Regularly patient’s medical updates are obtained along with information on medical expenses for the cost containment. We believe our responsibility to control costs effectively, and our cost containment processes start with the first call. According to instructions of policy limits related to medical treatments, can be guaranteed on our client’s behalf.
Doctor/Medical Referral
Arrangements for hospitalization at the nearest, to local clinic or best suitable medical facility will be provided. In areas where so available, a doctor visit to the client at their hotel/residence can be arranged.
Funeral Services
Cremation or embalmment arranged according to wish. All required documents are obtained.
Ground Ambulance
We provide ambulances services with the medical staff for 24 hours round the clock to the nearest medical facility. Our ambulances are equipped with high quality and calibrated medical equipments which provide continuous medical and intensive care support during the patient transport.
Medical & Non Medical Repatriation
We assist in arranging emergency travel arrangements for patients, relatives or clients in need of urgent return to their home country. Non medical escorts can be provided & arrangements of issuing new flight tickets if originally planned return has to be changed.
Medical Tourism
If you are planning for a treatment in India, We are providing best in class treatments for Cardiac treatments, Dialysis, Orthopedic & Joint repair/replacements, Cancer & Spinal Surgeries, Gynecology & Obstetrics procedures, Liver & Kidney Transplant etc. from the best suitable medical facilities.
Onsite Medical Clinics
We are providing medical room facility to the corporate/companies for welfare of their employees as we understand the employees and employer perspective towards wellness & medical rooms at workplace and help organisation develops wellness programs that directly contribute to employee productivity which in turn enhances productivity of industry.
Travel Arrangements
Re-scheduling of itineraries and possibility for changing or upgrading original tickets are checked with the concerned airlines. With our in house travel agent flight tickets, hotels and taxi transfers can be arranged at any time.